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Achieve Your Goals Before The Year Runs Out

Let’s end this cycle…

On Dec 31st, you woke up feeling unhappy because you had not achieved your goals for the year

You felt so disappointed and you promised yourself that you would achieve your goals this year, but this year is halfway gone and you still have not achieved your goals

This cycle will continue except you do something about it

Let Lanre Olusola,The  Catalyst, help you



He has devoted his life to helping individuals move from where they are stuck to where they desire to be, and he can help you to achieve your goals.

After working with thousands of people at the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy, he noticed several reasons that stop people from achieving their goals and came up with a system backed by psychology that has already helped thousands of people to achieve their goals. 

At the end of the year, many people write a wish list and call them goals”


The Catalyst GoalPro 

A proven system of setting and achieving goals in every area of your life

This is not just any other Goal Setting Course.

The Catalyst GoalPro system has been designed with psychological, emotional and behavioural change tools to help you set and achieve your goals.

At the end of this program, you will set concrete and achievable goals with a clear execution plan, not “wishful thinking” goals that never come to pass.

The Course Includes:

Module One: Foundation

Ten reasons why most people don’t achieve their goals

The Catalyst GoalPro has been designed to address each of the ten reasons, so that you can confidently achieve all your goals

Module Two: Reflection

Assess your previous goals

Map out your Success and Failure Model

Take the procrastination test

Overcome procrastination

The Catalyst GoalPro has been designed to help you identify what has stopped you from achieving your past goals, so that you can deal with it once and for all.

Module Three: Wheel of Life

Discover what area of your life needs the most attention

Discover areas of your life that need improvement and what to do about it

The Catalyst GoalPro recognises that money is not the only thing that is important and has been designed to help you set goals in different areas of your life so that you can design a life you love.

Module Four: Goal Setting

Discover how to use the T-GROW tool to set goals with concrete and actionable plans

Identify and overcome stumbling blocks before they arise

The Catalyst GoalPro uses the T-Grow tool, which is a proven system of setting goals and designing an execution plan so that they can be achieved

Module Five: Achieving your Goals

Design a Goal Dashboard that will help you to create a compelling vision for your life and business

Design powerful affirmations that will change your mindset and cause you to achieve your goals.

The one thing that keep you going in the Goal Setting Process

The Catalyst GoalPro helps you to visualise your goals so that you can become a Goal Getting Machine

“I was at a point when I needed to launch into the next phase of my very full life – to streamline various projects I had. After working with the Catalyst with this program, the pathway became very clear. It also confirms that sometimes, no matter how experienced or successful you are, you may need clarity of direction and GoalPro did it for me! Never too old for a new line of action!! This program is worth every Naira stated and more!”

-Laila M.D

The graveyard is the richest place on earth

because it is filled with goals that were never achieved

  • Access to 5 training modules

Videos of The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola, working you through each step

Access to workbooks to help you implement the lessons

Access to all the videos for life

Pay In Full


Pay In Two Installments


Are you not tired of not achieving your goals?

This can be you in a few weeks time


I finally started my new business 

You now check your phone and see new credit alerts everyday.  You can now comfortably buy nice things for yourself without having to borrow. You can now make investments for your future without feeling stressed. This is happening because you finally achieved your goal 

I finally lost some weight

Everyone is paying you compliments because you look so goodddddd. You can now wear hot dresses and share your pictures boldly on Instagram. Hundreds of people like your picture and comment on how hot you look. This is happening because you finally achieved your weight loss goal

I finally have a happy home

The fights have reduced. Your husband no longer stresses you about how much time you spend working or why you are always travelling or why you are not spending enough time with the kids because the home and family goals you set are all working.  

I finally completed my project

Everybody is congratulating you on your new achievement. You are even amazed at yourself. You are getting so many dms from people, telling you that you’ve inspired them. You are proud of yourself. You finally achieved your goals

Meet Your Teacher, The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola

Passionate about people and transforming lives, The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola is recognized as the world’s first integrative and transformative catalyst, working with individuals, organizations and government agencies to transition from where they are to where they desire and are designed to be.

Lanre has worked in Nigeria, across Africa and other parts of the world in various capacities with organizations and their people such as the World Bank, the UK Government through the DFID and The British Council, Ericsson RSSA, Total, GE, Hilton Hotel, Tigo West Africa, Argentil Capital, GTBank, First Bank Plc, Stanbic IBTC, FCMB, FBN Capital, The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Unilever, Stanford University IVD, the Nigerian Government and so much more.

An alumnus of the Harvard Business School, Boston Massachusetts USA; Lanre’s Advanced studies in Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Quantum Physics, Led him to become an AAMET U.K. Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapist.

Lanre is the creator of the VSP model – A 5 Star Performance Model he developed – which has been used by the Stanford University’s Affiliate Faculty of the Institute for Venture Designs and other institutions.

Lanre writes a lifestyle and inspirational blog at and also hosts several radio and TV shows including Be All You Can Be on The Beat 99.9FM andThe Uncensored Talk at the LagosTalks 91.3FM weekly. An Executive Director at Ebony Life Television, Lanre directs HR and provides coaching for staff, television crew and guests.

Lanre Olusola has the key to goal accomplishment not just goal setting. He is the Master goal getter! In the class I learnt how to align my goals with my purpose, how to set realistic goals and how to come out of my comfort zone to my stretch Zone! I learnt the role of emotions in goal getting”

-Remi D

“I have had the pleasure of taking a class with the catalyst and this material is just like the real thing. It gives us the ability to use the tools at our own convenience and we have more time to set goals properly. This is so fantastic and very necessary for those who are determined to achieve their goals”


Pay In Full


Pay In Two Installments


Frequently Asked Questions

I have already set my goals, is this course for me?

Yes, this course will help you to turn your goals into an actionable plan. 

I’m very confused about my goals, is this course for me?

Yes, this course has a lot of exercises that will help you to find clarity so that you can set your goals

Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

The bigger question is, “Why have you not already figured this out on your own?” Take the course, get results and start achieving your goals before the year runs out.

When does the course start?

After you pay, we will send you a welcome email with your login details and you can start watching all the video lessons

I don’t have time 

The beauty about this online course is that you can watch it at your convenience. You don’t even have to watch all the lessons at once. You can watch one lesson this week, watch the second lesson next week, etc. You have access to all the videos for one whole year, and you can watch them at your own pace

How is this course different from other goal setting courses?

It’s proven. 

Thousands of people have been taken through this process by The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola and it is guaranteed to help you get results.


Will have any access to The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola if I pay for the online course?

As you know, he is a very busy executive. He however took the time to create this course so that more people can get results using his proven system.

You might not be able to speak to him one on one but if you watch the lessons, you will get the same thing he would have said to you if you met him one on one



How does the installment payment work?

You can pay in two installments but we will give you access to the course after you have paid your two installments.

How does the online course work?

You will be given a username and password to access the video lessons and workbooks. The lessons come in video format, and you can watch them over and over again.

How long will I have access to the online course after I pay for it?

You have access to the course for as long as the course exists.

How long do I have to spend watching the online course? You can watch the lessons at your own convenience, depending on your schedule. You can also re-watch the lessons over and over again at your own pace. This is one of the benefits of investing in this online course.

Can I download the course content?

You can’t download the videos. They will always be available when you log into your account.

How long are the video lessons?

The lessons are between 5 – 20 minutes, so that you can consume the lessons even if you have a busy schedule.

What type of device do I need to watch the lessons?

Any computer, tablet or phone that has access to the internet

Do you offer refunds for the online course?

Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds after we have given you the username and password to access the online course.

Ready to achieve your goals?

Still have questions?